January 2019

Book Clubs for Inmates January Update

 Dear Friends,

We hope your New Year is off to a good start! Many of you ask: do the inmates choose their own books? The short answer is yes! But because they can’t go into books stores or online to choose we send in book lists full of reviews. Here are what some of their choices are this year:

Untitled design.jpg

Behind-the-Scenes at BCFI: Book Selection

Our book list is now ready to go! Each year our reading volunteers, lead by Louise Hoelscher of Montreal, put together a list of over 60 new books for our book clubs to choose from. Volunteers and inmates work together to choose a diverse book list for the upcoming year.  But getting books into prison is no easy business! Each book choice delivered is scanned and sniffed by security dogs before finally reaching our book club members. 

Want to hear more about what our book club members are up to? Keep an eye on our blog for more behind-the-scenes content!

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead, and we could not do this without the incredible support we receive from you, our donors, friends and volunteers.

Thank you,

The BCFI Team