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The Twin Spirits in Thomas King’s The Back of the Turtle
Written by a member at William Head Institution, BC

If King’s novel is a fable for our times, I think one of its central moral messages is that we do not allow our childlike faith to be restricted to an inhospitable space where others are interpreted in black and white terms (Dad’s favourite colours, 379). But instead of allowing our childlike faith to wander aimlessly in a postmodern culture without God, morality, or order, what King invites us to do is trust in the adventurous ethos of the land that is intent on bringing together diverse human and more than human beings to co-sustain peaceful communities, a creative ethos that allows us to see vibrant shades of red (Crisp’s favourite colour) and celebrate the miracle of landing together on the back of the turtle that is our home even after The Ruin created by settler-colonialism. >Read More