BCFI Luncheon on Friday, May 10th

Ontario volunteers who gathered at the BCFI luncheon on Friday, May 10 in Kingston, had the enormous privilege of meeting and listening to guest of honour Robert Clark - author of Down Inside: 30 Years in Canada’s Prison System.

Rob was movingly welcomed by volunteer Michael Hurley, with two beautiful poems he had written in his honour. Read Michael’s beautiful poems in our News and Media section here: http://www.bookclubsforinmates.com/media-1

 Anyone who has read Rob’s book will remember it as informative, insightful and often heart-breaking. It is also eloquent testimony not only to his own humanity, but to the humanity he chose to see, honour and nourish in inmates during his 30 years of work ‘down inside’.


The stories Rob told us in his informal, easy manner - often in response to our questions - rang bells for every one of us. They served as well to remind us of exactly why we are drawn to volunteering in the book clubs, and why our members thank us so often and so profusely.


I know I was left with even greater appreciation for members of the prison staff who I have been fortunate to meet (and I’m sure we have all met several during the course of our volunteering) who work every day under difficult and discouraging circumstances, often at considerable personal cost, to offer self-respect and hope in a place where those are hard to come by.


Lindsay Morgan

Volunteer – Joyceville Assessment Unit