BCFI Visits with Alberta Association of Library Technicians

Book Clubs for Inmates was pleased to be invited to present during the Alberta Association of Library Technicians annual gathering in Banff this month.

BCFI volunteer Lynn Hemming said she had a wonderful time speaking to about 30 delegates, all of whom love books and reading. She said, “They were extremely receptive audience, asked great questions, laughed at some of my stories and teared up when I read things the guys had written about what the book club meant to them.”

At BCFI, we are grateful for opportunities to get the word out about the incredibly positive impact book clubs have in the lives of participating inmates.

In a follow-up note to BCFI, Lynn wrote, “Thanks for the information that I used during my speech regarding the amazing work that you have done.”  

Of course, BCFI relies on our wonderful volunteers to facilitate all of our book clubs. We couldn’t do it without volunteers like Lynn.

Thank you, Lynn!