Author Visit: Steven Heighton at Collins Bay Maximum


The Collins Bay Maximum Book Club recently hosted author Steve Heighton to discuss his fourth novel, The Nightingale Won’t Let You Sleep.  

Steven was fantastic at responding to inmates’ questions, including how he came to write the book, how he developed its plot, how his characters developed, and what his life is like as a full time writer. The men clearly loved the book and couldn’t wait to put their questions to him.  At the end of the meeting, one of our volunteers asked him to read a poem he had written recently called “Fake News” that was published in WALRUS magazine.  He set it up perfectly and then recited it for memory.

The men applauded when he had finished.

As the volunteers left, Steven said he has done many, many book clubs and this one was the best he’d ever experienced!  

In the words of one of our volunteers, this meeting was “one of the most satisfying book club experiences I’ve had inside, and I know for the men, it was a very special experience as well.”