What We're Reading: Nutshell by Ian McEwan


What Our Book Club Members Are Saying

"Nutshell is remarkably humorous. A rich, descriptive story line like no other, with just a touch of suspense and the determination of a courageous unforeseen hero." - S.

"'Translate,' in ecumenical circles, is the conveyance to heaven without the experience of death. By this measure, Nutshell translates Hamlet like Victoria's Secret translates grandma's girdle. 'To be or not to be' just makes so much more sense when you're 'upside down in a woman.' Hell, any convict knows that." - I.

"Funny, sad and at times offensively vulgar, Nutshell was a joy to read. Perspectively quirky, the nameless main character is quite the connoisseur of wines even though modern medicine would probably diagnose him with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. His journey was a reminder of the lack of control we as inmates may have over a situation happening to our loved ones while we are here. Unable to help and stuck with the outcome no matter our efforts." -J.

"I thought this book could have made an episode of family guy. The dysfunctional family, murderous plots and an unborn baby that has the poetic and philosophical characteristic traits of the baby Stewie Griffin. This book shed light on the possibilities of life inside the womb, perhaps contradicting the chances and outcome of the effects of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. To sum it up, 'in a nutshell,' I found it a fun, light read rich in wording. Be prepared to have a dictionary handy."