Update from a scholarship recipient

"This has been an amazing year for me. Although I was slightly nervous before it began, the prospect of being in an environment where I could explore the law in an academic setting was palpably exciting for me. I was not sure how the year would progress but now that it’s done, I can say that it has exceeded all of my expectations. 

"Law school has given me the opportunity to gain a deep appreciation for the law, despite the various challenges I had faced in the past. I have met wonderful people, including fellow classmates and school faculty. I have learned from all of my interactions and reaped the fruits of discipline and hard work. I am still in the process of determining what area of law to focus on in the future, but for now am just exploring all avenues that are presented to me.

"The highlight of my year was an aboriginal law camp that I had attended with several other students and Faculty. We went up as a group to Anishinaabe territory and spent the weekend immersed with the community. The focus of the education was to expose students to a real community and understand what truth and reconciliation can look like. We spent time discussing Anishinaabe customs and laws and contrasted them with common law legal mechanisms. This was a unique opportunity that could not have been replicated in the classroom and I am grateful that the school provided us a chance to participate. 

"Throughout the year, I’ve been in regular contact with various volunteers and supporters from BCFI. I consider this support network to be part of my family and friends. Many a time I have been in need of advice and my first phone call is to a friend whom I have connected with through BCFI. I could not have imagined that signing up for a book club, primarily just to interact with someone from the real world, would only a few years down the road have such a significant impact on my life. It really is hard to fully calculate all of the benefits that have come out of BCFI’s work. I am only one person and I know that many others have had their own experiences in different ways." - S